Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ashes to ashes dust to dust


Ozzie departure from Peruvian shores leaves community devastated.

So the headline should read. It´s a special bond that is forged in a modern male surfing relationship....issues of punctuality, choice of break, whose paying for what...and .....sod that...what a load of arse, we went to chicam , it went off and we loved it! That´the truth, Ozzie got the best barrel, I fucked my feet up and we had the best time.

The only shot I could find was your last wave at La Isla , no frills or spills, no bikini clad women applauding, no form, just like your cricket team, I guess it must just be for the love of it.

Its a surgical operation losing a partner like that...brutal.


  1. Dude!! You are finally starting to embrace technology in the geekiest manner possible.....starting a blog! I'm liking it, but am no longer prepared to accept PC format jokes from you. Perhaps this site should be called geek surfers, not spinal surfers!!! Looking forward to a chat. Skypes on all day. Gimme a call in the morning. (your morning!!) Nice one buddy!


  2. nice ed...who r the issues of punctuality directed at??? dan hasn't left too has he!?!

    i love the poo man stance photo...literally all arse and no class.

    i am surfing everyday back here...beach breaks are lame...i have been reminded a couple of times already what it feels like to be dumped again...they waves are so bloody sucky. At least nobody drops in though

  3. look you bastards the pumpkin is my only official follower..get onboard.

    If I get 10 followers I´m gunna get a camera for my board, the sun came out today ll day, a guy surfed in shorts and senoritas was small but lloked good and cabelleros shite, funny how they change with the season....I reckon a week may be two....then I´m gunna be on it. Beach breaks.....don´t say that....I still got the reefs and points for a bit...its the great sharks I´d worry about.

    Yeah punctuality was Dan journalist wouldn´t lower himself to a badly written blog.