Saturday, August 14, 2010

Teahupoo starts on Monday

According to Magicseaweed Teahupoo will be 8.5ft at 10 seconds on Monday morning when the World Tour blows into French Polynesia and one of the world's heaviest waves. Last year quite frankly they might as well have not bothered running the event as the wave never roared into live. What makes this year particularly compelling, is the new format. At the end of the Tahiti event only 32 of the top 44 will progress to the rest of the events. In other words guys who have been ticking along for years or who have had bad starts to the 2010 season are having their livelyhoods pulled from underneath them. So pumping hectic waves and desperate top pro's will be pitted against each other, you can watch the live action on this link and then clicking the "live" tab or click on "video" for replays. Tahiti time is:

Surfers who need to dig deep and go hard or face extinction may include: Feral Aussie veteran Mick Campbell and Coolie Kid Dean Morrison to name but a few. (full ranking here.)

 Being a bit of an old skool guy, I love these events where the old power guys like Knox, Perrow (he needs a result) step up. I'll be watching to see how Dane Reynolds and the new aerial wonder kids get on in heaving pits.....let the games begin.

The swell looks set to fade pretty fast through the week, so I'd of thought that they'll be getting underway as soon as.

Top picture: Laird Hamilton at Teahupoo

Middle picture: Shane Dorian giving it a go.

This Picture: As if the wave wasn't heavy enough, the flotilla of jet skis, boats, photographers all heighten this experience. Kooks and drop ins hey!

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