Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Go Pro

The Go Pro is making me feel even more amateur than I already consider myself. Thankfully this is not because of the footage of my poor technique, rather I simply have woefully failed to master filming on an electronic device that only has two buttons. Despite downloading the online manual and reading it as well as strapping it to a rock for hours of rock running filming on every setting it must be said that I have yet to pull off a single video or picture of any interest.  Now as Inkawaves previously owned the camera and successfuuly used it and every other Tom, Dick and Harry who has one, uses it without a hitch, this can only be human error. So I will persevere.

 Shout out for who sent me a mounting kit for the Go Pro for 21 quid despite the fact I gave them the wrong address. I haven't choosen whether to put it on my fish or longboard yet, it all seems academic until I can actually use the camera!

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