Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bore Surfing Alaska

Lego surfing

Monday, February 27, 2012


Your Wingman should be on your case all the time; "Surfs pumping lets go.", "Screw the anniversary mate, it's 6ft and clean" and "Pick you up in 5 mins" with no question of alluding surf are all essential criteria of the Wingman.

 Now lets face facts here, I'm no aviation expert but I'm thinking that both brethren should be each other's Wingman or person (we're all about equal opportunities here at Spinal) rather than a pilot and co pilot set up.

Now I've been flying solo for about 9 months now and I can tell you that flying without a Wingman leads to:

1) Less surfing when it isn't great
2) Less chancing your arm on a spot that may or may not be worth a look.
3) Lots of excuses
4) Getting fatter
5) Surfing less.
6) Keeping on top of correspondence and DIY

 Now hopefully you can avoid these dangers too......Get yourself a wingman and hold onto them, like Goose and Mav did.....

Monday, February 20, 2012

Fantasy surfer

I swore blind that I was totally over watching, following , talking about competitive surfing and yet days away from the opening of the aspworld tour I find myself selecting a fantasy team again and we even have the spinalsurfer clubhouse, where people followers can compete. I have to say I came a rather middle of the road third out of five last year. Congrats Poontang who romped home in first. Anyway sign up and get on board.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Winter stoker

It's 2 degrees and pretty dam cold outside. 6mil, hoods, gloves and boots, but its good to know its warmer elsewhere...warms the cockles so to speak.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fin configurations with Jim Courier.


Have to get this sorted out as I've been arguing with Jim Courier about this for way too long. It's not totally comprehensive but it will resolve the whole "What is a twinzer?" row which soured my beer last weekend.


Generally has two larger fins at the back (middle) and two toed (set on an angle) smaller fin placed outside and further from the tail of the board. Like the Quads, Twinzer is much looser than a thruster yet maintains speed.

Are great for small waves, being fast and maneuverable, but when put into tight spots on larger waves, they become hard to control, they have two slightly larger template fins.


 Four fins in the water. You may think that having four fins would sacrifice speed by creating more drag, but this is not the case. The both sets of fins are working together on the rail, which makers believe they creates less drag than a board with a center fin.

Twinnie with Trailer:

Basically a Twin fin configuration with an added small center trailer fin, this adds more stability/pivot than the standard Twin fin configuration.

Keel fins:
 Lower profile, longer rake version of a twinnie.

 This is the original 5 fin Bonzer design though it has many new off spring these days. Big centre fin and weird and wonderful side fins.
 How dja like that Jim ?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Riz Boardshorts

Bought myself some new boardies online to celebrate the great freeze of winter from the uber ethical and expensive Riz Boarshorts gurus. 100 pairs of each style made, each one got its number in etc, just liked the idea of it all and treated myself for my B'day...when they rocked up I was slightly surprised to find that they had linings inside them and an actual ,metal zipper....but on the flip side they are the only pair of boardies I've bought that I could wear with a jacket to a posh pretentious barbecue..... check um out for something different on facebook or on their website

El Gringo con Ramon Navarro

Los Buscagigantes Webisode 08 - El Gringo from Los Buscagigantes on Vimeo.