Monday, February 27, 2012


Your Wingman should be on your case all the time; "Surfs pumping lets go.", "Screw the anniversary mate, it's 6ft and clean" and "Pick you up in 5 mins" with no question of alluding surf are all essential criteria of the Wingman.

 Now lets face facts here, I'm no aviation expert but I'm thinking that both brethren should be each other's Wingman or person (we're all about equal opportunities here at Spinal) rather than a pilot and co pilot set up.

Now I've been flying solo for about 9 months now and I can tell you that flying without a Wingman leads to:

1) Less surfing when it isn't great
2) Less chancing your arm on a spot that may or may not be worth a look.
3) Lots of excuses
4) Getting fatter
5) Surfing less.
6) Keeping on top of correspondence and DIY

 Now hopefully you can avoid these dangers too......Get yourself a wingman and hold onto them, like Goose and Mav did.....

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