Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Da Hui.

Ever since I discovered the meaning of Aloha (the Breath of Life), I've always thought that Hawaiian words must have poetry behind them. Da Hui or The Club was I believed a surf brand and probably a term for the extended family. I was surprised when I started to do a bit of research into the North Shores famous Wolf Pack, the gang famous for the ferocious enforcement of localism on the Islands led by the likes of Kala Alexander (pictured below.)

Da Hui started up in the 1970's on the islands as a reaction to the increasing number of Haoloes (white guys/outsiders) surfing the islands. It appears that it wasn't just the number of Haoles in the water but more the way things were done. In 1976 when Fred Hemmings who despite being a Hawaiian as he was born in Honululu was still a Haole organised a surf contest without inviting any native Hawaiians. The Black Shorts, also known as Da Hui, comprising of the heaviest local dudes around, guys like Eddie Rothman had had enough and paddled straight into the contest area and ripped it up.

It was the start of Hawaiians having guaranteed spots in contests but it was also much more. It was the start of ownerships of waves by locals the world over, be it for the right or wrong reasons.

 Da Hui of course went on to be a surf brand in the islands all be it owned and profiteered by a Texan, but Da Hui is still a term commonly used by the local surfers including the Wolf Pack of the North Shore.

Here's what some of Sydney's Bra Boys reckon on the subject.


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