Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Wadebridge Flowrider

Sometimes you can't let dignity get in the way. And so Chav's masterpiece is now out there in the public domain. For the bargain price of 25 quid each (as we proved our cornish residency very easily by nodding our heads and saying "yeah we live here") we got ourselves on the flowrider for an hour with two teenagers. You get yourself a 2 minute H + S chat and then the instructor who was a good dude gets you into the mix on a body board, after about 10 minutes Chav wanted 2 stand up and 5 minutes after that he wanted to drop in.

 There's no point in lying and pretending that anyone apart from Chav and myself and our mother's will find this footage of any interest and I would definitely use in our defence the fact it was our first go, but I tell you what, we didn't stop laughing from start to finish.......I reckon a few more goes and we'll be all over it. Incase you wanted to see something a little more "advanced" I've also added on a clip of people who'd got through a few ponies.

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