Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tasting notes: The Randy French Surftech fish

6ft 6 x 21 x 2.5

I borrowed one from the demo centre at Watergate bay (good on ya, no fee, no credit card number, just smiles) and took it out in really good rights. Having been stuck on boards missing volume for so long it was a breath of fresh air. It´s a strange material and super buoyant. It catches waves really easily, it covers flat sections in a way I didn´t know a board of that size could. The buoyancy makes a lot more sense in winter with the 5mm monkey on your back and the boots et al.

I was straight into the shop (their the kind of people I wanna hand over dosh too) and had bought the thing before the bank manager could even guess I was smashing the account again 465 least she won´t snap after three surfs, strong as an ox and lighter than a feather.

I´ve had her a while now and in english fat waves she goes and that should probably be enough. I took her out at double over head and closing out Porthtowan and realised this was no situation for her to be in....not her remit, Tom Curran might be able to ride one at maxing Mentawais in "In search of Tom Curran" but not me.

It seems inconceivable having started this piece that I have her up for sale on the vendertablaperu website for a poultry 300 dollars. I guess that comes from the fact I haven´t really enjoyed riding her here. I thought left hand long points would suit her but not so much , I can´t put her on a rail she´s quite skittish in that respect and I can´t carve with satisfaction rather she just flips round with no torque, her rails are real fat. She likes to go straight and fast not top to bottom.

I guess the sensible thing is to send her home to England to await my return .....

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