Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bad back days

Just thought I´d stick down some photo´s of ways to enjoy the beach baring in mind that its not always a surf day.

Surf them or just paddle them about .
Huanchaco, Peru.

Apparently the oldest form of surf can buy yourself one, use it for about three months, surf, fish, seduce, whatever and then have a BBQ or fire...

I´ve always liked a spot of fishing, preferably off my/Dave´s kayak in Cornwall, which I converted into a trawler with a rod mount for Bass and sit on the feathers . 2 pounds minimum on the Bass though so I felt a bit cheeky when I sushi´d this one. Of late I´ve been on the road and fishing gear just didn´t make the cut...but the hand line is the solution, piers are everywhere in Peru and Chile, and they´re the hang out spot, throw in a few beers and make a contest out of it, its a bit of a laugh and on a surf trip ideally with a few nationalities its like doing the Grand Slams at tennis, finish for sun down and retreat the bar afterwards.

My personal favourite is the Frisbee but you need a talented partner such as "The Pumpkin" to have a good time. Yoga is great for backs and on the beach, get involved anyway you can, if all things point in the right direction then a team bundle with people much smaller than you helps too.

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