Monday, August 8, 2011

Good Luck Diana Nyad.

Last time she attempted to swim from Cuba,30 years ago, she had to pull up after 40 odd hours after an eight foot swell kicked in that kept smashing her into the shark cage she was swimming in!                                                                                             Diana Nyad is already a complete legend in my book. She holds many records in open ocean swimming, my favourite being her two day non stop swim from the Bahamas back to Florida, still she was 30 back then in 1979. Things are a little different these days at the ripe old age of 61 she aims to swim from Cuba to Florida, the convential way has been done before but that's not good enough for Diana. She doesn't want to swim in a shark cage in the most shark infested waters on earth. So for three days without stopping apart from to tred water every ninety minutes to take on food through a pipe, she's gunna get her head down and motor.

 She likes to swim places like Lake Ontario and the Bay of Naples so I can't see her visiting the North Atlantic in January anytime soon, but I'd like to wish her all the best in her attempt.

She has spent over a year just trying to get permission for the swim as there are still no official relations between Cuba and the US....her swim began last night (Sunday)...Suerte!


  1. Stupendous! Inspiring! Gladdening the human heart!