Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Congratulations Jeremy Flores.

Jeremy Flores will represent France and Europe on the 2010 ASP World Tour along with French Polynesian Michel Bourez and Tiago Pires. Photo courtesy ASP / Kirstin Scholtz

Great show put on by the Frenchman in 4ft backdoor. It's the first time I can remember a European winning The Pipe Event and its also much needed points for my fantasy surf team. Winning at Pipe is something which you should be able to eat out on for life and comes with the title "Legend".

 Monsieur Flores we salute you.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Castles In The Sky: Review.

Sipping Jetstreams by Taylor Steel was one of the few surf movies that made me look twice and although it has pretension involved, I kept my eyes open for the sequel "Castles In The Sky".

 The opening sequence all the way to the finale, the cinematography, music....Christ I could smell Kretek Indo fags...beautiful. Yes it's sad that they always have to surf something quirky, this time a coracle, as if stuck for ideas. But the starkness of getting tubed in Iceland contrasting with Machado taming El Hueco in Peru, just makes you start fumbling for the passport and cracking out the pin tail.

 What makes these highly expensive style DVD's worth it, is that non surfers devour the imagery too. It feeds something in us, akin to the Baraka series.

 I loved it. It makes me want to try out 180 Degrees South By Chris Malloy. If anyone wants to do a trade for a bit, let me know.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Pipeline Masters is on!

Past Masters including the 4 time Master Andy Irons whose recent death has led to the event being dedicated to him.

The first day's highlights show a Backdoor fest. I fancy John John or Jeremy for an upset or two. Check out all the action here.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snowboarding the Penwith range, continued.

With a fair smattering of snow and the country brought to a stand still only one thing made any sense.

There is no guide currently available on Cornish Snowboarding so all gates had to be inspected. Cattle seemed to be housed, horses wrapped up and left to fend for themselves. These guys didn't seem to mind.

Untitled from Edward Lockyer on Vimeo.
First runs were tentative, lack of practice and gradient meant it became an excercise in picking lines.

Being restricted to fields meant, backing right into corners to make the most of it. The animals must also charge with the same principles because corners are churned up.

Untitled from Edward Lockyer on Vimeo.

Sometimes we got it all wrong and just walked around aimlessly, still the views weren't bad.

Kids got stuck in too.

Says it all.

Some shots from around about.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's the end of Movember

There can be little disputing that growing a Mo for a whole month is good for annihilating the ego. Buddhists should give it a whirl. I for one am very glad to see this bad boy go!

Cornish winter

Cornish winter has come early and it's harsher than any I remember already. We have this tradition in England that the world comes to end when it snows. Unlike our European brothers, a light dusting here and  all schools close, all shops shut and people start hailing Siberian conditions at minus one. The surfs been flat, so it only seemed appropriate to take to the slopes. Cornish land is pretty poor so we don't seem to have large fields more akin to arable farming, so slopes are short and often have cattle or horses in them, as well as granite. Still great time to get a novice buzzing.

The video is of the great mountain range based in Nancledra, spinalsurfer is contemplating a horse drawn carriage lift system.
 Sadly bodyboarders seemed to be getting involved in the action too.