Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cornish winter

Cornish winter has come early and it's harsher than any I remember already. We have this tradition in England that the world comes to end when it snows. Unlike our European brothers, a light dusting here and  all schools close, all shops shut and people start hailing Siberian conditions at minus one. The surfs been flat, so it only seemed appropriate to take to the slopes. Cornish land is pretty poor so we don't seem to have large fields more akin to arable farming, so slopes are short and often have cattle or horses in them, as well as granite. Still great time to get a novice buzzing.

The video is of the great mountain range based in Nancledra, spinalsurfer is contemplating a horse drawn carriage lift system.
 Sadly bodyboarders seemed to be getting involved in the action too.


  1. Get in there Heidi Row!

  2. Not Heidi that's Josh's bird Holly first run. Today Drift and Nancledra took some boo lacka sha! How's the powder in Colorado? You'll be licking your lips at cornish back country before you know it!