Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Castles In The Sky: Review.

Sipping Jetstreams by Taylor Steel was one of the few surf movies that made me look twice and although it has pretension involved, I kept my eyes open for the sequel "Castles In The Sky".

 The opening sequence all the way to the finale, the cinematography, music....Christ I could smell Kretek Indo fags...beautiful. Yes it's sad that they always have to surf something quirky, this time a coracle, as if stuck for ideas. But the starkness of getting tubed in Iceland contrasting with Machado taming El Hueco in Peru, just makes you start fumbling for the passport and cracking out the pin tail.

 What makes these highly expensive style DVD's worth it, is that non surfers devour the imagery too. It feeds something in us, akin to the Baraka series.

 I loved it. It makes me want to try out 180 Degrees South By Chris Malloy. If anyone wants to do a trade for a bit, let me know.

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