Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snowboarding the Penwith range, continued.

With a fair smattering of snow and the country brought to a stand still only one thing made any sense.

There is no guide currently available on Cornish Snowboarding so all gates had to be inspected. Cattle seemed to be housed, horses wrapped up and left to fend for themselves. These guys didn't seem to mind.

Untitled from Edward Lockyer on Vimeo.
First runs were tentative, lack of practice and gradient meant it became an excercise in picking lines.

Being restricted to fields meant, backing right into corners to make the most of it. The animals must also charge with the same principles because corners are churned up.

Untitled from Edward Lockyer on Vimeo.

Sometimes we got it all wrong and just walked around aimlessly, still the views weren't bad.

Kids got stuck in too.

Says it all.

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