Wednesday, June 23, 2010


An International Whaling Agreement fell through this week. After two years of work to reduce the practice of whaling principally by Norway, Iceland and Japan: the process seems to have ground to a halt. Latin American delegates refused to accept Japan's rights to whale in the Antartic and Japan wouldn't budge. It seems as if the whaling countries thought the process was about stock management and everyone else was working on reduction and banning.

 The interesting story for me was that Japan were prepared to reduce their quota from 935 whales a year to 200 within 10 years, which unfortunately will now not happen as nothing was agreed. What is probably more revealing is that Japan sent their Deputy Agricultural Minister and New Zealand sent their former Prime Minister, kinda tells you were it stands on the pecking order of issues.

Bad news for this beautiful chappy who was hoping for better from humanity.

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