Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shots from Cornwall, Spring 2010.

We had some pretty cosmic fog down at Mexico's, with some pumping surf that went from sunny to white out and back again very quickly. I love the body boarders position in this top shot, its Bodhi with the 50 year storm all over again.

All those that wonder are not lost.

Ginga Ninja back in the fold, Taff on the wall with The Stump, waiting for the tide before departing.
Secret spots are always tricky, especially when said spot is accessible from one very quiet and narrow back lane. I'm not sure people will tell me where any more are. I took Fred  with the longboard there after meeting him on the side of the road whilst putting my boards in the van.....I'd blab easily on the rack.....subtle as a brick, secret spot approach.

 Said Secret spot, bridge.

Buttercups at Porthcurno.

The Ginger Ninja back in the water after a five year hiatus.


  1. Great photos Ed. Makes me really miss the Kernow.
    Now thats not Vera in the background on the 5th one down is it? That bird needs to stay retired!

  2. Thanks dude, I was rather hoping we might be going for a surf together can't be long before you get back....Jennie was on Skype on Sunday gone and I was trying to find the camera etc, when you went off line, may be this sunday?

    Vera is rotting in Newquay high street, the guy who bought it signed a record deal and is touring the states with someone so big I've forgotten...that van is Luke's he's not a core vanny like us though!