Friday, August 13, 2010

Derek Hynd and his finless surfboard.

Derek Hynd is one of surfings great innovators and explorers. Derek's ability to surf to such a high level as well as have such a fine understanding of board shaping and hydrodynamics puts him in a category which only the likes of George Greenough and Tom Wegener can really hold a candle to.

 Rumour has it that for over 2 years D.H hasn't ridden a surfboard with any fins. Instead of joining the throngs on the trail of the Polynesian Alaia he's been bringing the concept up to date, through the advances that PU blanks allow in bottom contours, D.H has been harnessing the reduction in friction from skegless boards and combining this with the hold,trim and turning properties of concave. The results may just be a window into the future. Derek Hynd we salute you!

Above is a Portrait of Derek Hynd by Katherine Hall

To the Right Derek holding one of his wonders pre J-bay session.

Below the result


  1. Hey Edward, thanks for re-posting my illustration of Derek. It's always a spin out to see how far things travel in the world of cyberspace! Cheers, Katherine

  2. The honour is all mine and I feel somewhat naughty as if I've stolen the last cookie and been caught. I'm thrilled you found your way to my humbe blog.

  3. I salute spinalsurfer for saluting Derek! You've got it pegged. Derek's R&D is second to none. While I respect the agility, finesse and all-out precision it takes to pull off a successful aerial, I, personally, thank Derek for bringing the sport back "inside" the wave.

    He has inspired me to go skegless - even if I have to learn the sport all over again!

    Mahalo spinalsurfer - excellent post!

  4. Hey Derek,

    How do we order them, and how do we get you out here in W.A for a demo? Please call us today! 0400 670 729