Sunday, August 29, 2010


I committed and indeed intend to carry on committing adultery as I covet what rightfully belongs to another man, I even deliberately stalked her down and plundered her from his house whilst he was in bed under the weather, unable to satisfy her daily needs. Such behaviour I appreciate is low but no lower than I have sunk before. It even reminded me of another surfing friend's love that I romanced at a place called Senoritas. ... I am naughty but it's so nice.

 She is rather unfortunately named a B 52 bomber and is a little bit more volumous if not to say voluptious. She's Leggy at 6ft 8inches, girthy at 20 and a quarter wide, but respectably slim at 2 and ..I've forgotten. Where she makes up for her slight excess is in her triple hipped tail allowing for looseness and drive which is a refreshing change from my stiffer reefy semi gun boards I own. It was sheer joy to ride a thruster in smaller waves and actually not be over weighted...I have of course recently added to my quiver and it s getting harder to hide the now budding collection from the ball and chain as the quiver is pretty much taking over the hall....hmmmmm how can I lay my hands on one stealthily?!?!?

Unusually for me it is a locally made board by former European Champion Nigel Semmens.


  1. NS Not Surfable as his boards are known and I've also had the displeasure of working for him. He's a right wanker. Hey Ed howsit going Aaron Newport

  2. oh that's not exactly a glowing review......hmmm I might have to take the second hand one as its coming my way for 120 so.....
    Its been a long time Aaron, what are you up to these days? Are you back in Wales?
    Glad you checked out my blog and hope your working wanker free these days.