Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's the end of Movember

There can be little disputing that growing a Mo for a whole month is good for annihilating the ego. Buddhists should give it a whirl. I for one am very glad to see this bad boy go!


  1. are you auditioning for the remake of Chips?

  2. I'd love to, one big chopper between my legs. Nah I actually styled it more on a First World War Sargent just looked daft.

    Chris looked great in the pictures..girl?

  3. boy... isaac we thinking of calling him.
    you must check out the video with joe bauguess on the quality peoples site. he invented the mini-simmons. heavy duty shaping theory going on man...

  4. Dude ...Isaac hey..laughing Isaac of the old testament....very religiously acceptable if he becomes a journo type...

    Those Simmons things look weird man. I couldn't even get a blank in those sort of dimensions.

    WE're looking for a new house and I'm hoping to get a shaping shaq going, but no joy yet. I've been thinking of a single fin or Bonzer to explore some Moroccan points with, but its pretty conceptual right now.

    That whole lifted nose but dead flat tail...what's that allabout, it'd be like standing in the middle of Longboard but being able to turn easier...funnily enough it could work in the fat waves of the UK....

    What purchases have you made recently hombre? There must be a new one on the way.....Webber Fatburner changed my life.....haven't seen a wave in two weeks, but south swell coming. Yeah baby.

  5. get your simmons

  6. Way to grow Mo Bro! Movember has been a success worldwide. Here in Canada, I made this short Movember music video called "Grow a Muzzy - PHOTO version"

    Hope you like it. Cheers, marsh