Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tasting Notes

First board under review.

The Tunnel Vision Quad.

Price 430 pounds of hard earned British Sterling. Custom made and custom art job.

Place of purchase: Newquay, Cornwall. UK. The Shop seems to have repackaged itself now but is basically

On purchase I was full of hope for this board having enough volume and yet still be able to throw it a round a bit. The theory behind the quad set up was that it would faster and loser, but not skittish like the twin fin I had shaped myself before. The Art job, probably the best thing as it turns out was inspired by my time in Japan not the Irons brothers, whose attitudes are not really something I dig.

The outcome: I snapped the board in three places on something like its third surf at dumpy Chest high Praa Sounds, south coast Cornwall. Its just one of those things right?!!? Well I´ve decided no actually. Its my second board that has been glassed at SeaBase and both where too soft for my liking and the other one weathered far too quick. Other friends have had there boards and suffered similar fates. 430 pounds is a lot of money to invest, hell its two weeks in Maroc, its been pieced back together, weighs a ton (it felt heavy on collection). Besides all that, I was left short on volume under the chest.

Verdict: Lovely guys a Tunnel Vision they sold me a great surfboard coffin, they love a yarn and there solid dudes.....but buy another surfboard glassed in Seabase I will not. Nor will I buy one with suh little volume again. I vow not to miss waves because I won´t get enough foam. Hard lesson, learnt I hope.

having said all that, Its a great board and a bargain so buy it at, Peru where I live at present.

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