Thursday, October 29, 2009

TASTING NOTES home made fish "Boardom"

Sadly I don´t have more detailed pictures with me in Peru, this is "Boardom", shaped, glassed, sanded by my own fair hands. Which is fairly evident...I guess you´d probably say she was asymmetrical to get by the rather freestyle approach I took to her.

So in the region of 6´6 x 21 x 3, flat bottomed fish, slight nose lift and a swallow tail that took more work than I care to remember. Rails that are unequal but very forgiving and two Mark Richards twinnies with a stabilizer, fitted with Cambered and straight FCS........The paint job was mixed by B +Q and is matt wall paint.......advice don´t put black paint on and leave in car in Maroc in the desert...okay for Cornwall in winter though.

By all accounts she´s a bit of a dog, but I love her. I learnt a lot from my first shape(the intention). I will have to list for reasons of time. Firstly embrace the sander don´t be scared mow and gotta feel those rails, time after time....unless your handy, don´t go swallow first time.......don´t panic with the glass, yes it will go off in under 15 minutes, but a four minute wobbly inciting all Satans powers will not produce the desired result (try some Verdi in the player, keep it cool and brisk)...get a patient mate round to help with fins and a lot of masking tape.....take loads of photos...... don´t rush letting coats dry.....when you choose your blank examine the stringer, forget the bubbles.......cut the cloth to the mid point, screw trimming later its a nightmare, get it wet and stuck down, no air........sanding is a love thing, don´t resent it.....leave it for 2 to 3 weeks before riding and whatever you not, do not do it outside....leaves don´t come out of glass, neither do flies etc.

Let it all hang out, and try to get a friend to do one at the same time, its like a hardworking expensive holiday...

Shame I ripped the fin box out so many times.

Photos don´t want to upload so I´ll try again later

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