Saturday, October 31, 2009


Staying in shape is an issue at the moment 4 months out of the water with a twisted hips/sacrum and more subluxations than Peru has goals in the Copa America means that a few extra pounds have appeared and a relaxing of my bulging six pack. However it looks like with the new chiro (loving you Arthur at the moment), yoga, swimming and a bit of this and that, I should be mounting up again soon. Just thought I´d share some fitness thoughts.

When I first damaged my back I could only walk for 10 -20 minutes at a time and then I´d have to lie with my knees bent to take the pressure off, over time I strengthened this and found that by far the worst position was sitting. Fishing proves a gentle way of rebuilding the stabilizers and getting out.

Cycling has pluses and minuses, bent over a racing bike is not recommended for the tall and dodgey spined but an upright position such as mountain biking is a welcome change for the back. Cycling is one of the few sports that rounds your back muscles the ones around the lumbar below the rib cage, as opposed to surfing when the spine sits deeper than the muscle wall. So cycle tall and proud. I even managed to persuade Humphry Davy School in Penzance to get a group of kids together to ride John O Groats to Lands End....did it in 16 days, though it definately doesn´t make you light on your feet.

Kayaking on the sea is bliss to me. Cornwall is the home of the cove and every nook and cranny can be explored. You can fish, catch waves, paddle to the pub, watch sun sets, race, cruise, explore.....I´m sure Stand Up Paddleboarding is great fun and I´d love to try it.....but the Kayak rocks. Cheers Chav for leaving it...sit on tops are easy to use and you can buy them all with the fishing gear if you desire (I recommend it) or you can convert it yourself the videa at should be pretty idiot proof...I managed it! You can buy mounts in any reputable Kayak retailer and ebay.

The Pumpkin who became a land lubber in a sad loss to marriage and the states is building his own Canadian Open top , check it out at ...what´s the address Pumpkin? Can´t work this out? I´ll get back to it.

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