Saturday, October 31, 2009

Surf Invention "The Wurzzle"

The Pumpkin and myself in a wondrous period of creativity and escape from a terrible flat spell and horrendous student behaviour, came up with "The Wurzzle", which although not the first of its kind was unique in its mounting system, which was detachable and based on generic back racks. I guess by publishing this here I am kind of blowing our chances of making our millions, but I have a feeling that its all good.

We progressed to usability with a few hiccups, it was great when the screws sheered off on the A38 roundabout during an emit fest but problem was quickly rectified, without a pipe bender though you can forget production but I spoke to people who could and even spoke to a windsurf sail maker who thought that draining waterproof panniers on the other side for wetsuits was feasible...You know what may be I should get back to it..that was a great idea and so´s just a shame that cornwall is so bloody hilly. It would be all time on the flat though.

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