Sunday, October 25, 2009

Good intentions.

Spinal Surfer....

In a quest to do"Something" purposeful and having scant idea what that might be, I decided to begin my Blog else I was going to do something daft like Open University.

As a surfer I have two areas that I find myself interested in but with a lack of information, so hopefully this Blog will try and pull it together a bit.

First issue for me is my back. This year I have had four back spasms, spent in excess of a thousand dollars, received massages in more styles than I thought possible, had differing diagnosis from differing medical practitioners and have to a large extent had to find my own path. Rest, recovery and maintenance should hopefully be explored here.

Second issue. At 6ft 3 inches or 193 cms and 90 kg I have always had issues getting the right boards, I´m not a freak but boards are made for dwarfs, so I´m gunna be running a tasting notes section on boards here to share info and save dosh...more travel, less boards...that´s the go. The rest I´ll make up as I go.

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