Friday, July 9, 2010

Joel Parkinson's fin cut.

3 days to go before the Billabong Pro kicks off in Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa and the defending champion has had to withdraw. I've had a few fin chops on my feet myself but his takes the biscuit. He claims he got slammed by the foam ball at the most perfect tube he's experienced at Snapper, quite some claim for a dude who rules the place and has done for decades. Anyway J-Bay will be that much duller for not having the style miester of right hand points present. Best Wishes.

  This years World Tour is the most open in history with every one in for a shout, although it won't reach the masses of the World Cup, it will certainly fill my TV hours as the Footy Final is on Sunday the 11th of July and the J - Bay waiting period begins on Monday.

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