Friday, July 8, 2011

The Meyerhoffer 2.

Having posted a picture of the Meyerhoffer board a few weeks back, It seemed to stir some interest, so I had a dig around to see what I could find out.

 I have to say Thomas for me set some alarm bells ringing. "It is a longboard with the characteristics of a shortboard" coupled with "The nose is all about high performance nose riding" is a dichotomy that is rather hard to give credence too. So many shapers have tried to appeal to this concept for example Nine Plus's Magic Carpet.  If you want a shortboard get one, if you want a longboard then get one is my view..."You can't fool all the people all the time"

I spoke to a man in the board business and his views read

" I'm not a massive fan of a German/Californian product designer supposedly re-writing the last 60 years of surfboard design and winning a bunch of design awards judged by a load of suits in agencies who couldn't possibly evaluate the board on it's actual surf merits."

Meyerhoffer 2. Don't forget the 8.1 from meyerhoffer surf on Vimeo.

The online reviews are all published by those that have a vested interest in increasing sales so I'm going to stick well clear of them, except may be the commentary that as it's light in volume then its not for gutless mush......I guess what is needed is for someone to go out and ride one for a bit, the price tag of £765 may make you balk at the idea but hey...buying surfboards is that kind of business.

 I had a look at some of the shortboard's they were turning out and found myself not drawn to the rails at all, but functionality which surely is the important factor remains, to me at least, completely unknown.

So the jury is out on the Meyerhoffer 2 which certainly looks pretty different.

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  1. edward!
    i'm moved that your girl is about to be born and that jose antonio is a fan of yours. i need to go back to lobitos and a bunch of other breaks. we just moved into our new apartment. total chaos. you will find building to be a huge headache that never ends with details that keep spilling outwards and diverging in a million different directions. please stay calm during the delivery!