Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shaping shack down.

Tragedy occurred today in the mecca of Goldsithney as history was removed by a mini digger and two fat lads with sledgehammers. The shaping shack battled hard but after a few hours all that was left was the poultry graffiti embossed on the wall from the dregs of a spray can. Badger surfboards was the first I believe to use the slightly less than state of the art facilities, The Badger went on to produce a consistent quality of sub 7ft single fins. The Badger currently resides in Colorado , USA where he is a back country snowboarder and good bloke. He recently took time out from deep powder to get warm in Nicaragua using I believe the last board shaped in the Goldsithney factory.

 Dave "Chav" Devey pened and planed "Asbo" boards here whilst relationships collapsed and blossomed. Chav currently on honeymoon, surfing NZ, still whacks out an Asbo quad shaped at the shack on fatter days on the points and beaches of Casablanca, Morrocco where he resides.

 Boardum surfboards shaped by yours truly has had its ups and downs, it must be said. Having first decided the brand was plain cursed after traipsing with twinnies around the corners of the earth where Huey (God of the Waves) was clearly not smiling on me, I have persevered and await a new shack with a few more mod cons (such as a door that shuts) where I look forward to making some keel fin fishes and my dream of dreams a Bonzer.

 Michelle Hawes deserves a mention for shaping the worse mini mal I have ever seen, with decorations such as laminated leaves and post cards, one can only imagine what has become of the board. From what I gather Michelle has married a pig farmer in NZ where they are both perfectly content....well done you too.

 The end of an era. Good times my friends.

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