Monday, November 2, 2009

Spine findings by Chiropractor

I haven´t surfed since mid July. The longest period without a surf since Tomo first showed me the light in his Ice Cream van in Scarborough, North East England 1997.

I´ve had four back spasms this year, each one has been followed by various treatments such as Osteopaths, Shiatsu massage, assorted chiro´s lots of physiotherapy etc. The latest findings by Artur Gardinalli at Quirovida (my spanish isn´t great but if that means Chirolife, that is defos the worst name I can think of) are enclosed in the photo´s. My right pelvis is 2 cm lower than my left...which is a lot when you look at the X-rays. I have subluxations in a load of vertebrae starting at the top neck my C1 all the way down to my s4 that sits on the sacrum.

Now I have pre existing injuries from my Bali days when an obsene amount of surfing combined with hitting a pot hole that looked like it was created by a nuclear bomb and then sneezing (definately missed my one eighth of an orgasm on that one) lead to problems. But it would seem that the reason for this is either I have a short right leg and therefore will need a fake heal in my shoe to stop un necessary wear on the right sided joints or it is a twisted sacrum. The chances are its both! yeah! Since Brazilian Artur started snapping me around like a character from "Strictly Come Dancing" I have lost the shooting pains and the constant pain but developed soreness around the groin, hip, thigh area. I am hoping this is caused by a release of parts of my body that have been working too hard for too long in less than ideal circumstances (A bit like my job). Anyway change is happening and it certainly feels for the better.

However there is another issue here in back care. The original specialist that I was kind enough to give 1000 dollars of wonger to failed to both diagnose this problem or affect change. In fact add the inconvenience of 2 trips through thick Lima traffic a week into the bargain, I am going to give the "San Borja spinal Unit" the big thumbs down. Nice people, crap doctors, extremely expensive and I was stood up twice by Physio´s not turning up....booooooo!

Shiatsu, If your sore from stress and/or surfing definately worth a go. The ladies name escapes me but she comes to your house with her matt for 70 soles she is very firm and always leaves me needing the toilet for about three days her number in Lima is 999931182 and I would have no hesitation recommending her...but she doesn´t manipulate and I think that is what I need. Proper massage though, not a pretty girl with some oil.

Carlos the Physio 999936818, bit on the puny side for my liking. Relaxing massage, some stretches but the dude is like 5ft 2 inches and when he goes to manipulate, which is rare, he seems to nearly break his arms on the gringo......beef up mate, nice guy may be if your a chick or not a beef cake.

So I´m back in the land of Chiropracters, some are better than others. Daniel the Ethiopoian, in Miraflores may have actually caused my 2nd back spasm......a chiro without x rays may be cheap, but from now advice "Not with my centre of nerve control pal"

Lots of people are scared of Chiro´s and the cracks etc.....a good one though and when he cracks me.....I´m getting the orgasms back....quietly addictive I reckon. Artur said I´d surf my summer away and I believe him. The Yoga continues, now I just need to knock the fags on the head and lose the riduclous amount of weight I´ve gained.

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