Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pit Pilot

Living with a journalist and surfing with two others has been inspiring. "That´s a good story" I hear instead of my Dad shouting at the TV or my friends reaction to news and media. It´s a new slant for me and one I´ve enjoyed hearing more aboutl. The big story in Peru at the moment is the Fat sellers, who have allegedly been killing Andean peasant farmers, extracting their fat and selling it to Mafia connections in Italy for use in anti aging creams. This is a"great story" in my

Anyway .....this has nothing to do with much on this blog save the fact that I had my first article published. Pit Pilot ran a story I wrote about surfing in Peru and I´m dead chuffed, they changed things round a bit, which I´ve been told by the Financial Times Journo is terrible because I´ve sacrificed my integrity. Well I have to say he probably saved my bacon more like. I´m going to have another go when I pull a few ideas together.

I wonder if Klimax surfboards and Boz wetsuits will do me any "favours" after giving them a plug in print. I owe BOZ a cool 1000 Soles just under 400 dollars for a custom made 6/4 with built in hood that I´d promised myself for my return to England. A discount on a custom board is always handy......being a teacher hasn´t really helped my powers of monetary persuasion, Christian would be walking away with a free board and the guy´s wife.

In true Golden Balls fashion the guy has stolen the show, contributing nothing whatsoever to the article, Greg the Editor asked for some photo´s. I told G.B to send some over from our session at Pacasmayo in Jan the highlight of our trip, and he gets the shot, well I´m reduced to throwing a shaka with the Motorscooter driver who is 4 foot tall making it look like a freak show......Golden Balls, just stand next to him because the sun always shines on him and sometimes it passes on. Don´t bother planning a surf trip , ask him where he´s going and follow him, that way there is swell, sun and all things good. He´s coming back soon I hear so we´ll be getting more god waves.


  1. nice! i want to see the hard copy! that's a good story!

  2. Hiya Edward,
    Enjoyed discovering your blog (from inkawaves link) - I grew up in Peru and now live in West Cornwall (Carbis Bay)! Its great to read about those long lost peruvian waves. Would love to see any snaps of Barranquito, as I learnt there over 30 yrs ago. Went up with the locals from there to Chicama at the age of 12 in 1977 - the 1st sight of that was jaw dropping!
    You are not missing much over here at the moment - endless weeks of gale force winds.

  3. Dear Julian,
    You are the first person to write on my blog I don´t know. That floats my boat, many thanks. I shall do my best with shots of the Costa Verde for you. The summer swell seems to be setting in, so I´ll have to pick a day with a bit more swell. I have to say that the water there is pretty grim, but I still get in during the week. Usually riding Roquitas or Pampilla, I will do my best.
    Funny we´ve probably been in the water before, I lived in Penzance for years and surfed all around the Pennisula. I guess you´ll be looking for some Hawke´s point out of the wind.
    Tell me have you ever surfed the Harbour wal on the backside at St Ives, I´ve only seen it a few times with a huge crowd..any good?

    I´ll do my best with some piccies might be a week or two though.



  4. Good work Ed, I'm impressed!!!

  5. Hi Ed, Cheers! The wind continues, another howling westerly! I see the harbour with a wave only a couple of times a year, always busy, still want to do a super early and give it a go sometime.