Monday, November 30, 2009

Small, Spring Saturday in Lima, surf city?

Went for a walk after borrowing a longboard and having a great cruise on Saturday. It seemed Miraflores had decided to come out to play too. Some shots here of the waves at Pampilla, Roquitas and Makaha, the Miraflores bowl, the cow exhibition and the love being shared.

There seemed to be a very strange sign, about cows (in a desert)?!?! And I really need to improve my spanish, cause I´m sure that sign on the plants means something apart from what I figured.

People in Peru more so the coast than the Campesino´s do like to snog in public for hours...light dry humping is not out of the question either. Taking a couple of piccies of people snogging made me feel like a right perv....It was great! Gotta take your kicks were you can.

I should write a disclaimer to finish. These photo´s might convey the impression that Lima is clean, verdant and care free, that isn´t really how I feel about it. Then again, it´s a city growing, it has job opportunites and you can surf (in the dirtiest water I have ever entered and smelt).


  1. Good stuff.
    30 years ago was the water was also quite poluted, my parents 'banned' me from anywhere south of barranquito. Probably even worse now! Of course when it was huge, still had to trek down to ala moana or triangulo.
    In fact redondo was always pretty filty, and i scared myself once out there after school alone - finding a dead dog - yuck!
    Right about the huge amounts of public snogging - I used to see loads of it!!

  2. Yeah the water isn't so clean,I've been out there when shacks have washed through theline up, small boats that have fragmented, almost landed on a mast once, but its that smell of something metallic I can never quite shake.
    I get out of town a fair bit and surf Cabelleros, Senoritas, Punta Rocas and Punta Viejo a lot.
    I'm thinking of writing a guide to Peru, but I('m a bit nervous due to inexperience. I do have a lot of material though.
    Anyway Julian thanks for the request, if there's anymore let me know and actually I'll be moving back to Penzance early next year so may be see you in the water or a watering hole.