Wednesday, December 2, 2009

bit of surf fun

Sometime back I was super curious about Bra Boys the Movie, which kind of was compulsive viewing, even if it wasn´t in the sense I had envisaged. Anyway rather the dude in clip number two than me.



  2. dude I interviewed Rudolpho Kilmax yesterday, which was pretty funny in itself but I asked him about why no one in Peru makes Bonzers. He was all like, we´ve been making retro boards for two years because of demand, but actually we´re all performance. He didn´t seem interested...unlike Wayo Whilar who said he´d make me one but wasn´t sure what one I´m thinking no go on getting a Peruvian Bonzer anytime soon.

  3. "The Bonzer feel is essentially that of an enhanced single-fin, very sure of itself in the pocket and on the rail, and very tail-based. But the truth is that at the high-tech cutting edge of modern performance surfing, surfers have advanced well beyond an enhanced single-fin approach, and no longer ride solely in a tail-based fashion. They're riding off rail concaves, front rail edges, rockers ... just about any surface available, and they need a freer tail than that supplied by the Bonzer design."

    Well Terry we´re both big dudes, 6fters and strong as Oak, they must be talking about us when they say power interested? I wanna go...thing is with no peruvian shaper how is it gunna happen? Just waiting to pick up a new board too. Jez when a board is 360 dollars here or 4oo quid plus at home, I can´t see myself investing in one for a bit either. I don´t think they´d like English slop either. I reckon any Punta you like would be all time on one though, strong and long waves I reckon.

  4. bollocks used the wrong quote from that article meant to quote:

    "This does NOT rule out the Bonzer as a great design for the power surfer who's looking to carve strong rail turns and ride the tube. For such surfers, it's an excellent alternative to standard Thruster design, and WK encourages its use."