Sunday, December 20, 2009

It search of Centinela and the forgotten Middle Earth

Holiday spreading like a slow but sure pandemic through my veins. The completely untrustworthy stead packed, the directions vague at best and the wave little known compared to most. The time, a night but may be more. The buoys on the way up, at larger intervals. A new stick on the roof in a lilac board bag (god being colour blind can be a shag).

 The lone and open road awaits.I know little of what  is at the end. But I did find this cheezy yank clip. Which should you watch and listen to it disturbs me....if they are right and it is hundreds of miles to the hospital..................I've got it totally wrong cause I'm planning on it being about 80 miles north of one of the world's biggest cities..................we'll soon find out.

 A bit further north somewhere is a wave called Bermejo.....can't find it on a map either, though google earth has a lead ......anyway my now beloved seppo amigo's also stumbled upon it....kind of looks really good.....

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