Tuesday, February 2, 2010

FCS customer complaint

Dear FCS,

I am writing to you about my new FG – 7’s. Last month I went on surf trip to Peru. I bought a set of your FG – 7’s from Klimax in Miraflores, Lima, Peru for 95 dollars. I only surfed them for about 10days, when something very strange happened. I was paddling out from the beach at Lobitos, when my fin came into vision next to my board. I had neither grounded it, hit a rock etc….I can only assume it is some sort of manufacturing fault.

I have used FCS fins for years and over time I have broken some Occy’s etc, but never in a few weeks and never so innocuously, so I am enclosing the said fin and the bits that go in the plugs, hoping that you will replace it.

As an observation the fins make/made a lot of noise when surfing hollow more powerful waves….I’ve never encountered this before.

Yours Sincerely

Edward Lockyer



 As you can see I have decided to become more pro active as a consumer. In the past I would have chucked it and bought new ones, but is that really value for money? Is it fair? Is this the environmentally friendly thing to do? I have had to send the letter to the FCS headquarters in Hossegor, France, so I will be interested what the response will be.

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