Thursday, February 18, 2010

Surfing and not surfing Porthleven.

Photos I took in my 10 minutes.

The pride of South West surfing, Porthleven. A reef break that through most of the tide is a right, at dead low tide there's a left and at higher stages of the tide it gets too backwashy.

 It also gets very crowded and the town itself is loaded with top surfers like Dan Mole, its also visited by the St Agnes legions led by Tubemeister, Robin Kent. To be honest its very crowded for such a small peak. Everyone wants there moment and unless your dead keen or dead lucky, you'll probably head off to Praa sands or search out another break on the south coast.

The other day I was up for it, drove down (mid week early) and was totally amping to get out, when I turned up the car park was rammed with photogarphers and top surfers like Ben Skinner, 10 minutes in the car park and I was off to Praa, which was totally awesome. I just don't dig on watching 10 people so close to each other, waves require attention for me to surf them and people just distract me. I'm still scarred for life from surfing in Portugal and not gettin g a wave for 3 days because I was freaking because of all the people paddling and shrieking all the time.

 I guess I'm not a Leven kind a guy. Shame really, it looks so good.

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