Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Home Coming!

I've been back in the UK a few days, seeing my folks. My Dad is in hospital having had a double hip replacement, which he seems to be pretty good with after 24 hours. He's still refusing to sell me his morphine and even worse won't even get on it himself! Dude when opportunity knocks you gotta grab it, cause it ain't on tap usually.

 So I should be back in Penzance Cornwall thursday night. I have my new 6/4 from Boz to try out and Continental airlines seem to have got two of my sticks home okay (haven't taken the socks of them yet), so I thought I'd have a look at the chart. I mean there is still a lot of snow here on the ground, so I'm kinda not may be as keen as always, but this changed things.

I'm seeing some crazy readings for the North and South coast. To me it looks like a storm, but I know a few south spots that may be all time. I dunno surely I'm not that lucky.


  1. english eddy!
    nice you see you back in cornwall for an epic swell. enjoy it. you know, lokbox fins are supposedly 10 times stronger than FCS, and luckily i just met the lokbox distributor (who rides a quad very similar to yours) only 3 days after getting my new board. sigh. maybe ill go hang out at the spinal surfer virtual cafe?

  2. Dude, I spoke to Tris Coke at Homeblown and the boys at Tunnel Vision about this and both of them were of the opinion that Lockbox are the boys for twinnies and quads but not thrusters....no explaination given.
    Golden Balls has a Pavel Speed dialler with some funky looking ones..check out this link