Thursday, February 18, 2010

Life in Penzance, Cornwall

Some images from around Penzance, Cornwall. UK. A pretty diifferent situation from my street scenes of Miraflores, Lima, Peru not so long ago.

Cornish traffic, a far cry from Lima's free for all.

Newlyn bridge.

Unemployment is going well so far.

Penzance from the harbour.

Home sweet home, Heidi and Tolver Road.

My favourite shop, inclusive of characters (Trader Gray RIP)


  1. sounds to me like somebody must really like you if they are willing to deliver breakfast in bed to a certified layabout...

  2. Dunno who TLC is but I have a feeling there may be a woman and possibly a cornish one at that behind such a slur on the author's good name, a man would have be far more up Certified I hope you mean an actively seeking a route back to work through our beloved nations "Job seeking system", having paid my dues for a square 15 years, I hope the fortnight of dole or rather 68 pounds a week has not riled thee...As for layabout I utterly refute such a claim being both an early riser and hobby zealot.....,but yes i do have an admirer! Thank you very much.