Sunday, February 7, 2010


St Michaels Mount, Penzance, Cornwall. UK.

Arriving in Cornwall was like falling in love all over again. Replete with beauty, healthy and wholesome on the senses. I admit I am wearing long johns all day and some of the palm trees are bent in favour of the prevailing South Westerly. Yet the water is jade green and looks more inviting than is decent at 8 degrees, the back drops are of an England I blush to say I had taken for granted and the air clean and fresh. There ain’t no place like home.

Taff with his Jan Tan.

Yours truly at semi secret spot.

Having donned the new Boz 6mm, gloves and boots, as well as being pretty fit at present, I couldn’t believe how hard paddling out was. Really it’s like giving a walrus a piggy back. Everything was just a lot of effort. Gloves! I struggle with gloves its like walking up stairs in flippers. I got the slightest trickle down the back from a duck dive and I was out the back. The other guy hovering around the sandbar was wearing the English National Surf Costume: black wetsuit, black gloves, black hat and white surfboard. He could be married to your sister and you wouldn't know it . His face was pale, his cheeks blue and he yelled at the top of his voice “Alright mate!” and stuck his thumb up….I was home.

All I need now is a snooker ball in my mouth.
 Crusing through high tide on the Derrem Hybrid fun model, which I love more and more.

The waves are pumping at present and the quality of the waves really surprised me, “Taff” had a blinder at Praa on Saturday. The easterly wind has kicked in with good swell, so we have offshores all over West Cornwall, good swell and 1 degree air temperature for the week.

Having fun at Sennen Cove.

Going home.

Photos courtesy of Harry Stevens and Heidi Row.


  1. wow, such a nice vibe. great photos too. surfed my derrem for a second time the other day and still can't believe how fast it is down the line, and how much better it feels going backside compared with a twinnie. i like the gorilla stance in the first photo, did you learn that from andrew?

  2. Dude, the Gorilla stance?!?!? Andrew has a poo stance and really it doesn't help his rep with thebboyz?!?! You know, but I fail to see me waving my bottom akimbo..

    The Derrems is legendary, I've been riding it in big and hollow and small and playful, apart from not really being a big hack kind of board, it is just great. I do worry about the build quality slightly though. It's fair to say it has done a lot of miles and been surfed a lot in a short space of time does seem to be wearing fast.