Monday, February 15, 2010

Pangaea, the answer to the question?!?!

I tried to reply to the question from my last entry which read:

"Anonymous said...

What do you mean Sugar Loaf is the other half of the Lion's Head? I don't understand. Bond"

Top: An illuminating view of Rio at night with Sugar Loaf in the centre.

Below: Cape Town's Table Mountain with Lion's Head the peak to the right, my favourite coastal city.

I found myself unable to without the use of illustrations. This is my understanding of the situation. At various times in the earths 6 billion year history all landmasses have been connected. The last time was called "Pangaea", now without wanting to really get into. When South America split from Africa it literally tore a single mountain in half. One half went to Rio de Janeiro and is the iconic Sugar Loaf mountain, the other half the lesser famous Lion's head mountain of Cape Town.

 Mental! So James although not a Vulcan myself and by no means an expert, I hope that this reply satiates your desire for knowledge and doesn't lead to anymore tricky questions....

A shaken but not stirred Spinal Surfer.

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