Thursday, January 28, 2010

Miguel Plaza

Miguel Plaza was kind enough to furnish me with some more photos which follow the entry a few days back.

Paul Strauch and Miguel Plaza Yokohama's 1965. Yokohama is in the Makaha area and Miguel describes it as a pipeline wave. Miguel spent time in the area having been hosted by Buffalo Keaulana. In turn Buffalo visited Peru in the early 1960's.

Paul Strauch is a legend in the world of surfing he was a  sponsored surfer and member of  The Dukes Surf team along with Fred Hemmings, Butch Van Artsdalen and Joey Cabell. He was the inventor of the Cheater Five and was practicing yoga and other health related routines at a time when most Peruvian surfers believed in Pisco Sours for lunch.

The Duke's surf team basedonpromoting surfing as a pastime.

Paul Strauch with his left leg strecthed out in front. The Cheater Five!

"I am tha one with the white t-shirt taking the drop and in the inside is Jock Sutherland (switching stance...he is a goofy foot)" Sunset beach where Miguel stayed and still visits. Jock Sutherland is top brass in the Surfing Hall of Fame. Rory Russell who along with Gerry Lopez were the guys who first nailed pipe described Jock in the following way:
"To this day I’ve never, ever seen Jock fall off a surfboard. Ladders yes, roofs yes, balconies yes. But never a surfboard. "


4000 years ago Peruvians were riding Caballitos de Totora, you still can in Huanchaco just north of Trujillo. You can even buy your own for about 45 dollars (life span 3 months). Miguel is a proud Peruvian and describes this as his favourite picture.

Boys will be boys, someone else looking for a buzz. Paddling one in at Pico Alto!

Miguel at Punta Rocas recently where he had formerly attended the World Championships in the 1960's.

Picture taken at the Outrigger Canoe Club (Honolulu) on Miguel's  60th birthday party with friends :(left to right) Joey Cabel,Fred Hemmings,Randy Rarick,Ricardo Pomar,Miguel and Ricky Grigg and in the front Rajan Watamull and Clyde Aikau. May 4th 2005

The 2009 Pico Alto Invitational for the Billabong XXL, this photo was taken with The finalists. As Miguel was the first to ride it at size, it must have been a special moment for him.

From Left to right :Greg Long (winner and also winner of Eddy Aikau 2010),Peter Mel,Mark Healey,Carlos Burle,peruvians Velarde and Swayne. And of course Miguel.

One of Velarde's waves this year at Pico Alto.

Many Thanks to Miguel.

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