Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Surfing Chicama

Unusually for January on a trip with Golden Balls and Red Chops we scored Chicama. The swell was only about 7 foot at sea and with a pretty average swell period, I was humouring them when GB wanted to go.

 It wasn't classic long Chicama, but there were some very long tight tubes and some guys definately had it wired. May be 50 people surfing the point and apart from one miscreant whom I'm ashamed to say was English, goodwaves were shared by all.

Every time I get a wave from the top having paddled out from infront of the point, I think to myself " The next wave will probably be the best wave of your life, paddle hard, get that foot over ya fins and enjoy...." There isn't anywhere like it.

2 days with two great friends.....memories for life.

The third shot is off the point above Chicama, didn't seem so good this time but last time when I was there, people were catching a wave down that point. Then getting one from the main point to El Hombre's and then paddling the 100 yards to catch one down to the pier. You can do that 4 times in a day I reckon.

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