Friday, January 8, 2010

The Derrem 5 fin/ The boys/ New Boy On The Block.

Derrem delivered on my surfboard order ahead of time.....unheard of in Peru and I'm now staring in wonder at my new 6ft 4 x 21 x 2.75 Hybrid fun model. It looks and feels amazing, like no other. They threw in the paint job for free which I love and I paid an extra 20 dollars to have an extra fin box stuck on so it can be ridden as a thruster or quad. As a result they made the tail a little wider and put a single to double through it.

 The tail pad cost a staggering 40 bucks, so if you do buy boards in Peru, which I definately recomend, bring your own pads as they are dead expensive.

 Board 360 dollars plus twenty on extra plugs plus 40 on pad.
I'll let you know how it goes

 Golden Balls and The Abbo turn up on Sunday and after a pretty small week, here's the report for next week so far.

 Lima and south looks like this...

Swell Rating Height Period Swell Dir Wind Weather


5.5ft 12secs 22c


5ft 11secs 24c

5ft 10secs 24c


6ft 15secs 23c


7.5ft 15secs 24c

7ft 13secs  24c


8ft 13secs 23c

And then the north coast looks like this:

7.5ft 14secs  27c

7.5ft 16secs 27c

In other words, solid south west swell should peak at double overhead and then fade to be replaced the next day with a north swell. Golden Balls just stand next to him... A lot of travelling involved and my prediction is that with the exceptionof Chicama every break in Peru will break in the next 7 days.

 Massive shout out for Inkawaves Terry and Chris who had their baby last night, little Oscar hung on in there until deadline but popped out and joined us late last night. I look forward to meeting him! Big love Ed.

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  1. Edward! Thanks for the good wishes. It's Lucas, but Oscar is close enough and sort of sounds and means the same thing. Can you email me the directions to the secret spot?
    See you soon,