Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Video reviews: Peel the Peruvian project and Sofia the movie.

Peruvian book writing has temporarily ground to yet another halt. Losing your battery pack does that pretty quickly.

Peel: gives a fairly accurate prediction as to what you can expect to find in a months fortnight around Peru. To be honest the waves look great and you can expect to find waves as good if not better on the trip. Bruce Brown's (Of Endless Summer fame) son is involved in production and it seems gross exaggeration swims freely in the Brown gene pool. The commentary on San Galian made me feel dismal that it has evaded me yet the coverage of Talara was right on. Most waves in Peru are covered.

 Conc: If your interested in Peru and surfing or thinking about a trip to Peru..I'd give it a go. The music is cracking. 4 out of 5

Sofia: It's not really a surfing movie at all. There is very little action involved and its a story of character of Miss Mulanovich as well as Peruvian history. The El Comercio journalist has the job of my dreams I think. It's completely subtitled. It's earnestly naive and raw, I quite like it and you could show this to your chick who doesn't surf and she'll think more of you for it! Hoorah!

Conc: Interesting in a vaguely cultured way,but she did drop in on Inkawaves a lot so 3 out of 5.

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