Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spinal Surfer Rules!

Well my fantasy surf life has taken on new proportions recently. Without a wave worthy of notein 6 weeks in gets prettyhard stumping up material. However thankfully my fantasy surf team is nails! Yes my boys are ranked 206th out of over 11000, I'm particularly proud of subbing in Jadson Andre, Kelly (No surname required) and Owen Wright for the last eventat Santa Catarina in Brasil, as that was number 1, 2, and 3. So my mission is to get to the top 10 and secure myself a trip to Tahiti to watch the event next year. Sounds tricky I know but those odds seem shorter than the last job I applied for so we'll have to see.

Jadson Andre can surf! just checkout the vidxeo above, the guy does 2 or 3 air reverses most waves. Now despite what I've already said, I'm not really a fan of competitive surfing I find it repetitve and ugly. I like the stylish aspects of watching great surfers surf. The guys underneath seem to have the right idea. Yet as I said no ripples over here...hard times.

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