Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Eddie

Well the Eddie invitees have all been signed in, ready for the day of days. 8 times in 26 years means more likely than not it won't happen but here's hoping. Super excited to see the mad Chilean Ramon Navarro and a bit surprised to see Jeremy Flores in the mix. Apparently he didn't own a rhino chaser till this year and overlooked proven big wave surfers like Skindog Collins, have been keen to point out that he's a Quicksilver rider getting a spot that many dedicated riders have spent a lifetime trying by trial and error to achieve.

 Interestingly it was also pointed out that at this year's XXL Billabong awards 4 out of the 5 winners were Billabong riders. ..... disgruntlement in the big wave camp!?!?!?

 Should the bay call the day footage will be available by clicking here.

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