Tuesday, December 6, 2011


There was a time in Renon when a man inspired me. He committed himself to his passion and had blind belief that that was his destiny. May be he didn't care if lost everything trying, may be he had blind faith it would all work out, may be he just did what made sense and didn't over think it. I may well have given it too much thought. I've never met the man, although I've been out surfing at spots like Balangan when he's turned up in boats or with a board, he's inspired me. He started a website called http://www.baliwaves.com/ which he used to post a daily photo of a wave in the area, more often than not Uluwatu or Seragan. It's funny cause then he started off doing fishing trips, surfing home stays and I remember the first time he advertised a trip to G-land...well these days, there isn't much you can't sort out from Baliwaves. He married a Balinese girl and set up shop and set up his stall, sure it's not Santosha....but I'm not in Renon now, I have a child, a mortgage, a job and this morning as I dreaded work and drove through the rain shivering.....Jim inspired me and I had a look at what was happening in his life and got to live a little vicariously for a minute, and felt all the better for it.

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