Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Surf Photographer and Editor at Wavelength Magazine Greg Martin, recently reappeared after hanging out with some beardy weirdies in southern Wales who were transforming surfing through wood. What they hadn't counted on was that Greg (not exactly re known for his DIY exploits to put it mildly, just look at his lounge wall for gods sake) left without sealing the board in any shape or form.  I have a feeling the board will remain an unfulfilled promise for sometime to come.

 With all the roughly shawn timber on offer and fine opportunities for getting splinters I couldn't resist putting my 6 week old daughter through her paces to see how she'd get on. I have to confess there wasn't a moment when she just popped to her feet, grabbed a rail and then instinctively tickled the tube with her trailing arm. But she did look forward and arch her back......I'll keep her focused on the world title.

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