Saturday, October 29, 2011

Harry Daily

Harry Daily hails from San Diego, California. He also goes by many other names such as Sketch Holiday and /or Harry the Hat. I met Harry a few years back when he visited England, wearing some seriously bohemian threads and sporting a handle bar moustache. Whilst he beavered away on a Switchfoot style drawing. A lady said "`Well done, absolutely fantastic." in a rather well healed English accent, to which this rather strange looking bundle of hair replied " Thank you, I always try my hardest.", which struck me as pretty comical.

He's a bit of a well travelled surf and skate artist whose work has not only been published in the switchfoot series but also used by many surf brands in advertising campaigns. Harry seemed more interested in pasties, music and the night life as far as I could tell though.

 Anyway with my house build erring towards the latter stages, it seems time to acquire a bit of art. So I phoned Golden Balls up at Driftwood Gallery, a supplier of surf art amongst other treasures and bought myself Adam and Eve has a pair of hand embellished limited edition prints, which look great. Adam's below, thanks to Driftwood Gallery for doing me a deal, that I was very happy with.

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