Sunday, March 20, 2011

Morocco Numero tres. Safi.

in wasn't quite sure what to expect as we crawled along to Safi. I'd heard so much and seen so little that it was hard to conjure an image. A reverse Piplinesque wave with hints of Mundaka drove fear into my heart.

Safi itself seems like an okay place to spend time though and if you didn't concentrate too hard on the industrial plant at the south end, it was a pretty location. The local lads in the car park seemed pretty happy to chat and pointed us in the direction of other waves which would handle the higher tide.

The pictures here were the last ones of the day and it was all over 3.5 hours after low because the tide simply filled it in. It was probably shoulder to head high and at that sort of size looked super fun. It looked like every wave barrelled on down the line and I can imagine some pretty sweet memories. The guys there said it's a different beast at size and I found that very easy to believe.

The wave like most the points we encountered on this trip (north of the Taghazoute spots) broke in very distinct sections that didn't link. This last shot is the end section which seemed pretty friendly and would take a little bit more of the tide though it was smaller in size than up the point. With a set every 15 minutes and 7 guys out, we settled for a chat in the car park.

I'd like to go back and get a few waves in this sort of size range myself. It takes a fair bit of size just to get this result, so I can imagine the hell men don't get to saitiate their desires too often.

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