Sunday, March 6, 2011

Great waves with no names

I've just returned from Morocco having visited Chav and Chavetta, and of that there will be more to say, but.......

We did score a great right hand point without a name not to be found on any surf guide we used.

It was a great wave or rather a series of waves that peaked and troughed down the point which ran for several miles. There is no real settlement there and if it hadn't been for Chav's rather well suited mobile we would have had to walk for many a mile.

Coming from Cornwall it was so refreshing to stumble upon a class act that had slipped under the radar. In Cornwall a secret spot exists because of one of two factors;   firstly it's a very rare event with a set of conditions that rarely occur so no one is looking there in the first place or secondly it just isn't that good. I'm not claiming this is a bona fide secret spot, rather in a coastline with literally hundreds of waves and not many settlements it's just one of many.

Waves that barrel to perfection and make your heart sling at night are cherished and to us it was a great period of 48 hours of getting our fair share, in warm water with the sun out and a few hardy types knocking about.

Shame the access wasn't remote enough to leave our camera in the cave or wasn't popular enough to be able to leave it with someone. I had yet another Go Pro disaster so I  lent it to Chav for a bit to get it wired.

More to follow on the Moroccan trip in the coming days for sure.

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