Friday, March 18, 2011

Inkawaves Go Pro

Peruvian resident (inkawaves) Mr T Wade of Californian descent very kindly sent me his Go Pro about a year ago. Since that time I have taken it, free diving, spear fishing, surfing and flowriding. I have never managed to master a device that has two buttons which makes me quite frustrated. it is bad enough having a Go Pro on your board, it is even worse when it just doesn't work. On my recent trip I was riding a quad for 5 sessions straight as I was getting the best tubes of my life. I didn't use lithium batteries I just went with normal ones, they last less than 5 seconds. I lost patience with the Go Pro.

 Chav is an IT nerd who has to be logged on at all times type. We got out his hair dryer ( I know, sad isn't it) and removed the pad from my board and I let him "borrow it for a bit".

 Within days the photos were arriving thick and fast of Chav.........I was happy it was forefilling its potential but also slighly peaved that I couldn't get those tube shots, so here we have Chav in action on Jacks Beach, Bar Bouzza, Morocco.

In England we sometimes urinate in our suits in winter to warm our extremities, Moroccon belly getting to Chav.

What I can only assume is getting rid of the smell.

The bidet. I would have wanted the jet the other way, taking the said material away from my body.....still it's not for us to judge.


  1. could have put some of the decent photo's up there.

  2. sorry my editorial prowess is falling, I'll pull my socks up quick smart.